Monday, February 17, 2014

ToMB - Perdita: Welcome to the Family

Hello, my name is Corbin, Hagisman on the forums. I’m a mali-newb and joined Tale of Malifaux Bloggers to help other mali-newbs learn about Malifaux from my successes and mistakes. I started wargaming two years ago when Warhammer 40k switched from 5th to 6th edition. Last September I realized that I wanted to play more skirmish based games and discovered Malifaux, which coincidentally was going through an edition change.
Most of the time I play in tournaments since I have a pretty busy schedule on weekdays. Mainly due to tournament games ending around turn three or four, my play style is slowly becoming tailored to scoring Victory Points early.
I started off as a Guild player and have kept to it for the most part. So far the masters that I haven't played from Guild are Lucius, Hoffman, Sonnia, and Perdita... what's that?...Lucas McCabe? Never heard of him.

With introductions out of the way lets begin this Tale of a Malifaux Blogger.

Who did I pick?

From left to right: Papa Loco, Santiago Ortega, Perdita Ortega, Nino Ortega, Francisco Ortega, and Enslaved Nephilim(out of frame, no relation)
The Latigo Posse. Which includes Perdita Ortega(Master), Francisco Ortega(Henchman), and Enslaved Nephilim(Totem), Nino Ortega(Enforcer), Papa Loco(Enforcer), and Santiago Ortega(Enforcer). A very elite crew at 32 soul stones(ss) base with a Cache of 2 and doesn't include a single minion. For reference Lady Justice’s box is 30SS and Sonnia Criid’s is 27SS.

And adding two Guild Guard(Minion) at 4SS each, just in case my opponent takes Make Them Suffer as a scheme, which considering the Ortegas have only one Peon model it is a guaranteed 3 VP if I run the base crew.

In total I have 40 soulstones worth of models without upgrades.

Why did I pick them?

The Ortegas were a crew that slipped past my radar, Lady Justice's and Sonnia's stood out more for me, but after reading the Ortega fluff and seeing their abilities I changed my opinion. 
They are known for being the best Neverborn hunters in Malifaux, those that join up have a dangerously short life expectancy. The Ortegas have been in the Neverborn hunting game longest and are known for being eerily good at it. Crunch wise a lot of their abilities revolve around chain activation and movement shenanigans. I’ll go into more detail when I showcase some individual models in later blog posts.

The main reason I chose them has to be range though. Everyone of the Ortegas, except Papa Loco, has at least a 12" range. Considering that I've been playing Lady Justice and McMourning, arguably both very melee focused, Perdita is a nice change of pace with her 14" attack action that can double as a melee attack. She also brings some nice special abilities that allow her to re-draw your hand or shoot out of turn.

When do I get them?

Sadly the Latigo Posse box has yet to be released so right now I have to wait patiently... Or get Vassal setup on my PC... Or rely on the kindness of my fellow gamers to lend me their metal models for a game or two. The release date is only Febuary 2014, so they could be coming out either next week or the week after. Expect a new ToMB post from me each week. Until the new box comes out I'll be focusing on the models I have as well as some theory-faux.

Alternate Perdita, I want!

What advice can you give to new players?

In general, I highly recommend the following to get started:
  • Buy a Fate Deck - A playing card deck made by Wyrd for Malifaux that has the the symbols the game uses to declare triggers. There are rules for using a standard Bicycle deck, but its a lot easier to recognize the symbols you need with an official Fate Deck. Also the tournament rules now require Fate Decks if you are interested in tournament play.
  • Buy a Rulebook - For a good layout and low cost I recommend the mini-rulebook. However, the big rulebook has every stat card for Wave 1 models, which makes it easier to study your opponents. Supposedly there is a reprint due out the end of February that fixes the layout issues with the big rulebook.
  • Know your Models - Very important. Make sure to remember what abilities your models have. Abilities like Hard to Wound and Armor keep your models alive, whereas abilities like Accomplice and Companion allow you to activate out of order. Other abilities, such as Perdita’s Relocate can help move your models around the table. Forget an ability and you are playing at a disadvantage. If you can know your opponent’s models as well you'll be playing with an advantage.
  • Know your Schemes and Strategy - This is what decides the result of a game. If you are just starting, figure out how to complete your Schemes and Strategy. Don’t let yourself forget them, if you do you are losing Victory Points(VP). Eventually as you play you’ll learn how to deny your opponents their schemes and strategies.
  • Learn from Mistakes - Should be a given, but if you don’t play that much you might forget what worked and what didn't. For example, Guild Guard are very fragile, especially when Reckoning and Make Them Suffer are flipped.
  • Have Fun - Malifaux is one of the few games I've played where at the end of the day both players can say they had a good game. It doesn't happen all the time, but it can and has happened for me. Be a good sport, play fair, and don’t take it too seriously. Leave the "win at all costs" attitude at the door and relax.

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Budget Tracker:

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