Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick an dirty hex2float python code.

Useful for taking a hexadecimal value and turn it into a floating point, this follow IEEE 754 and understanding of C99 Standard Section

  # Assuming a hexadecimal value passed in, print out the
  # floating point equivalent. Can then use things like
  # float.hex(), float.fromhex() etc.
  1 def hex2float(hex):
  2   h = int(hex)
  3   sign = ((h >> 31) & 0x1)
  4   exp  = (h >> 23) & 0xff
  6   ctr = 1
  7   mantissa = 0.0 if (exp-127) == -127 else 1.0  # Per IEEE 754
  8   while ctr <= 23:
  9     mantissa += ((h >> (23 - ctr) & 0x1) * (2**(-ctr)))
 10     ctr += 1
 12   result = ( ((-1)**sign) * (mantissa) * (2**(exp-127)) )
 13   print "result = %s" % (result)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Malifaux 1-year later

So I started playing my first table-top game just about a year ago with some friends from the LGS here in Southern NH. It's been a great experience, and this past weekend I was in my first tournament.

This post is mostly a synopsis of my latest painting work since last January. I'm far from a painting master, but have come to enjoy the art of painting these models. It truly is a way to get away from being on a computer all day.

Jakob Lynch Nov. 2012
Molly S. June 2012
Bete Noire May 2012
Flesh Construct May 2012

Flesh Construct May 2012
Seamus and Crew May 2012
Canine Remains May 2012
Insidious Madness May 2012
Dead Rider May 2012
Dead Rider May 2012
Dead Rider 2012
Kirai and Crew April 2012
Gaki April 2012
Lost Love April 2012
Datsue ba April 2012
Lost Love and Ikyro April 2012
Lilith Dec. 2011
Mature Nephilm Dec. 2011 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mobile Security

Mobile device security has been a focus for my career and I have the opportunity to work on some really amazing projects. All which are sadly not acceptable for public consumption/sharing.

Seeing as though this is my first 'Technology' focused post, I thought I'd share a link to a security researchers who I often following. While there are dozens of researchers out there who publish great work in the domain of computer network/system security. Collin Mulliner of is often publishing research pertinent to my interests.

In recent news, USSD has been demonstrated to be be capable of wiping some Samsung phones. Collin has released a quick tool to help mitigate this. Here is a link to his page, There is no use in re-iterating its purpose here, head over to his page and take a look at the tool as well as the link to the presentation showing how to use USSD in nefarious ways.

In the future I'll try and post things that I either find interesting, or that I work on my own (and can publish) which are Technology related. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shadowrun :: BIOS Boot

In the flurry that is post-Gencon everyone is scrambling to play their new goodness. I've had a chance to play quite a few new things, but one which has been on the list is Shadowrun. It's a mash-up of a futuristic technology-centric world mixed with dwarves, elves, trolls, etc.

I'm excited to give a try as I've always been intrigued with technology and its potential. I'm going to put together a little back story, and if I'm up to it try and stick with updating the progress (if/when) once we get underway.

Here is my quick bit of info introducing my character...
Character Name: Consigliere Gaetano "Tommy-Troll-Finger Brown" Brown
Character Type: Enforcer and Drug pusher, wakes up in Seattle uncertain how he arrived. Has flash-backs of baseball bats, and not because he just watched a game a baseball.
Special Skills: Can handle any situation that requires persuasion, not necessarily because of his ability to speak well, but mostly because he is a big troll.
Favorite Food: Timpano (an Italian recipe calling for layers of prosciutto, pasta, meatballs, cheese, bechamel, served in a big drum pot)

x86 assembly for displaying some characters via the TTY (0x0e) w/INT 0x10

mov ah, 0x0e
mov al, 'S'
int 0x10
mov al, 'H'
int 0x10
mov al, 'A'
int 0x10
mov al, 'D'
int 0x10
mov al, 'O'
int 0x10
mov al, 'W'
int 0x10
mov al, 'R'
int 0x10
mov al, 'U'
int 0x10
mov al, 'N'

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sticking my head out of the nest...

Taking a look at what these inter-webs is all about. Going to potentially post some information, mostly for myself on here. If you come across it and find it useful great, if not, well bugger off. Since I have various hobbies, interests, etc. I figured I may as well capture some of it somewhere.