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ToMB - March - Steel and Blood

Last month, I forgot to give you what I spent in my budget. So if you go back to my previous post, you can see what I spent in the month of February.

However, we're in March now and some fun stuff has happened since my last update. Adam ran a wonderful 35ss fixed list tournament (Fixed list, by the way, means that you show up with one list that is predetermined before the tournament; contrary to the Malifaux rules that state crews are determined before each game). My list for the tournament included:

  • Viktoria of Ashes
    • Upgrades: Sisters in Spirit
      • I chose this to give the wonderful teleport ability that the Viktorias are so famous for.
  • Viktoria of Blood
    • Upgrades: Oathkeeper
      • My main idea for this was to give her an extra AP when it counted, however that ended up being a waste of soulstones.
  • Taelor
    • Upgrades: Scramble
      • I'm not sure why you would take anything other than this on Taelor. The stat bonuses it provides on top of making her unimpeded seems to be a prime tool to help her slay summoned beasts.
  • Ronin x 2
  • Student of Conflict
  • 6 ss cache
Now, I have really only dabbled in Malifaux before this tournament. Adam showed my fiance and I a few games at TempleCon, but this was my first experience playing Malifaux with people who.. play a lot of Malifaux. My apologizes for the lack of photos here, I was so focused on the games I kind of forgot to take photos. Also because I'm a terrible slacker and should have posted this back in February, I don't remember every single detail of these matches.

ROUND ONE: Viktoria vs Lilith
This game was certainly a learning experience, as I believe we were the first game to finish. The Strategy was Turf War with Close deployment. The schemes I ended up choosing were Bodyguard (Taelor as the model needing protecting) and Outflank

Lesson Learned: If you don't know how your opponent's crew plays, the easiest thing is to run up and stick a sword in them

I would have done so much better this game if I had taken that approach. However, I play a lot of games like League of Legends where if you don't know what your opponent can do it's better to just avoid them and focus on farming. This mindset does not work in Malifaux.

I quickly learned that Nekima is a tough cookie. My opponent immediately rushed Taelor knowing that she can put a hurt on things and pretty much killed her turn 1. The Viks proceeded to march up the center to get into position with the Ronin to work the strategy since Taelor was now a victim of Black Blood. The next few turns resulted in some Ronin dying to Nekima and Terror tots and the Viks netting me 1 victory point for being near the center. My opponent ended up taking the game 6 to 1 when we finished.

ROUND TWO: Viktoria vs Perdita 
This game was a lot of work for the win I ended up getting. The strategy here was Reconnoiter with Flank Deployment. My schemes ended up being Line in the Sand (revealed) and Spring the Trap. 

Lesson Learned: Remember your schemes.

This game was nerve wracking a bit. Everything I've read about the Viks is to play smart around ranged crews. However, taking my lesson from the previous game; the best plan was to run up and stab some members of the Guild.

I did my best to keep to my schemes. Knowing that Line in the Sand would net me the most points; I tried to step my crew in the best possible places for scheme markers. Perdita thought it best to compel the Ronin and keep picking up my scheme markers. The game wasn't too bloody (In the end I think Papa Loco and a single Ronin were among the dead). We also made a few mistakes (They're detailed here.), but in the end the Viktorias were uh.. victorious? I ended up successfully pulling off line in the sand by removing Papa Loco and getting Vik of Ashes on the center line; completing that scheme.

Where I failed with the schemes involved one of my Ronin engaging Perdita. I could have used her to finish Spring the trap, however I failed to do it. In the end, I won with 3 victory points.

ROUND THREE: Viktoria vs Lady Justice

I think this game I felt the most comfortable. That could have had a lot to do with my opponent being a close friend, but I also felt I was getting more comfortable with the game itself. The strategy was Stake a Claim with Standard deployment. My schemes were Line in the Sand and Plant Explosives.

Lesson Learned: Make sure you understand the Strategy

Lady J took some early ground to try to distract me from the strategy. It worked, since I spent pretty much my first turn killing her. This allowed her crew to get some early Claim markers out without any sort of disruption. We later learned that Claim markers cannot be within 6" of another claim marker, so I would have spent more time trying to take ground from him. I was able to nab 2 victory points by completing Plant Explosives and eventually a 3rd from the scheme. However, Lady J's crew had already gained too much ground on me and I wasn't able to close the gap.

It was ultimately a great time and I learned a lot! Thank you again Adam for putting this on.

I did play another team game recently, but let's save that for another post ;)

Hobby Time:

Well I haven't finished painted my crew. So much has been going on in my personal life that I have not had much time for painting. I did finish one of my Ronin however. I'll get a picture up of her on my next post. 

Total Cost:

So for March, I only added one model. This model is pretty much THE model to get for the Viktorias. Say hello to Viktoria of Ashes' real sister: Vanessa!

Vanessa seems to shore up a weak point in the Hired Sword Box; their lack of healing. I'll have her put together this month and we'll have a picture as well.

The Running Tally:
Hired Swords Malifaux Second Edition box Set: $45.00
Vanessa, Treasure Hunter: $11.00

This leaves me with $44.00 at this point in March with the new 25 dollars for the month of march and the left overs from February.
I recently made another purchase, but I thought about saving it for April. Guess we'll have to see ;).

As usual, I'd love to hear any feedback anyone would like to provide! Be safe in Malifaux!

Friday, March 14, 2014

ToMB - Mid-March - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hello Folks,
I wanted to talk to you a little bit about why I play Malifaux.  With literally hundreds of miniature game choices out there, why do I choose Malifaux amongst all the others?  For me, Malifaux meets all the criteria of a good game.  1) It’s easy to find a game with people you enjoy playing games with, 2) the cost for entry is relatively cheap, 3) it fills a nitch, 4) ease of rules and/or ease in mastering the rules, 5)  it has tactical complexity that makes you want to come back, and 6) specific game rules don’t leave you frustrated or give you angst.

Malifaux, 40K, War-Ma/Hordes, and Infinity all fit number one.  Other games I like that don’t fill #1 include Confrontation, Dreadball, and Blood Bowl.  The locals here play Blood Bowl online instead.

For #2, 40K is out, entry is over $100 before you buy models, but both Infinity and Malifaux are skirmish games with low initial costs.  End cost may not be low, but the amount needed to start playing is low.

For #3, by nitch I mean they meet a type of game.  I split miniature games into 4 types of nitches, Sports, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Other.  Sports include Blood Bowl (I own 3 teams) and Dreadball (6 teams).  Sci-Fi includes Infinity (2 armies), 40K (2 armies), and the likes of Firestorm Armada (3+ fleets).  Fantasy includes WFB (1), War-Ma-Hordes (0), Malifaux (1 crew), and Confrontation (3+).  Others are all the rest, like Wild West Exodus (0), and Dystopian Wars (1).  My nitch for Fantasy had a need.  I love Confrontation, but the players I know don’t live in NH, so that’s not enough playing time to justify the effort.  Also it’s getting difficult to get miniatures.  I recently sold/traded away my Warmachine Cygnar, and ½ my WFB Orcs and Goblins.  Malifaux is my replacement to Confrontation and my go to game for the Fantasy nitch.

For #4, 2E rules are easy to comprehend.  Granted the local henchman is a great teacher, but the game has an ease to it.

For #5, the skirmish game isn’t a get’em game, it’s schemes and strategies appeal to me.  The variety makes it enjoyable.  Playing a game where the job is to kill the opponent’s pieces gets old faster than something with scenarios.

For #6, unlike War Machine with the rules as written allowing a model to go in-between 2 models with a slightly bigger than a hair’s width gap, I found myself not interested in playing War Machine.  With Infinity, one model can do all the moves while all the others cower and provide actions to the super model.  These rules burn me on a game.  I haven’t seen a rule that burns me in Malifaux yet.

So, I play Malifaux because of ease, price, convenience, variety, and lack of angst, that’s all.


On other notes, I ordered the Sonnia Criid avatar model with the flame dragon coming screaming out of her mouth, so cool.  I’ve wanted this model for months to paint not necessarily to play with, it’s that cool.  And I also got a 50mm base for a total with the avatar of  $45.  I only had $23 in credit for the price, so in effect this cost me February and March’s plus up.  I have a $1 left until mid-April, I think, if I’m counting the bases into the cost, $26 if I’m not, however I am.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ToMB Perdita: First Games

Time for my first impressions of the Latigo Posse. Note that these were three games, all part of the same tournament that was fixed list.

I would like also thank my buddy Mike for lending me his Perdita crew and congratulate him on winning the tournament with his Ramos crew.

The Crew

Enslaved Nephlim
Papa Loco

Cache: 5ss

Total Soulstones: 35

Initial Thoughts

Taking the base crew without upgrades gave me a great disadvantage. A lot of what makes Perdita good are her upgrades. I'll go into more detail on upgrades in a later post. That way I can focus on the synergies and tactics that the base box brings.

A lot of what makes the Ortegas great are their abilities. Know their abilities, more so than other crews the Ortegas hinge on abilities and activations. With Papa Loco a nearby ally is gaining positives to damage and with Francisco positives to defenses as long as the target is within 2 inches. 

Onward to the games!

Perdita VS Nicodem:

The streets were empty as Santiago and Francisco turned to look around the corner. A vulture overhead the only break in the silence. "Get down," yelled Francisco as a dead body fell from the carrion bird's claws. Where the body had fell now stood a crazed man, hollowed faced and carrying two blood stained swords. 

On instinct Francisco pulled out his sword, slicing the walking corpse's head clean off. "Easy," he said made to sheath his blade. "Watch out!" shouted Santiago, his peacebringers aimed at his brother. In a second the felled corpse was up again, Francisco matching it strike for strike, "Run, hermano!" 

Turf War

Scheme Pool:
Take Prisoner, Breakthrough, Outflank, Bodyguard

My Schemes:
Bodyguard(Santiago) (0 VP)
Outflank (0 VP)

Opponent Schemes:
Outflank (2 VP)
Line in the sand (2 VP)

Ending Score:
Perdita Loss

This match up was my first match up against Nicodem, the setup was perfect for Turf War. Close deployment and on my side of the table there was a three inch high wall that was within 6" of the center of the board. Perdita and Papa Loco sat behind it out of sight for 2 turns. It helped a lot because there was a Rotten Belle luring my other models out of cover.

The biggest obstacle came from Nicodem's summoning. I'm told its very hard to pull off, but my opponent had the resources he needed. A Punk Zombie was able to get within 3 inches of Santiago, Francisco, and Enslaved Nephlim allowing pulse Slice and Dice*. After I killed it, Nicodem resurrected it from its corpse counter and with upgrades allowed it to reactivate without the slow penalty from being summoned. The advice I've been getting is to take a Freikorps Specialist, since it can destroy corpse markers that are near it. Its a good hard counter, but an Outcast model.

The schemes were hard to achieve, especially when I forgot to deploy on both sides of the table to get Outflank, instead staying mostly center. Santiago was in a rough place when the Punk Zombie hit him with flurry, Hard to Kill kept him from dying. If it got to turn 4 I might have gotten a single VP for Bodyguard, but with time constraints we got to turn 3. Take Prisoner with the Punk Zombie could have guaranteed me more reliable VP in theory.

*Slice and Dice - Those within 3 inches must pass a Df test or take damage.

Perdita VS The Viks:

Francisco walked into the quiet graveyard, his brothers and sister waiting on the other side of the gate. A shadow flickered past the corner of his eye, but all that stood before him was a still statue. "I could have sworn-" Bang! The silhouette of a statue-esque woman appeared from behind one of the tombs, gun and sword drawn. Gripping his shoulder, Francisco retreated behind the gate, "Damn mercenary," his palm was red. He could just make out his sister in the distance another assailant already upon her.

The scantily clad woman ran head long at Perdita, her sword at the Ortega's throat. A small smile formed across Perdita's face and within a second the Ronin was grappled. Two shots rang out, and two bodies fell to the ground, Perdita holstering her gun. Francisco picked himself up, "You have to show me how you did that."
The Grave Yard


Scheme Pool:
Assassinate, Spring the Trap, Make Them Suffer, Distract

My Schemes:
Make Them Suffer(1 VP)
Assassinate(0 VP)

Opponent Schemes:
Line in the Sand, Revealed(3 VP)
Unknown(0 VP)

Ending Score:
Perdita Loss

This game was tough for me, I have only ever played Reconnoiter once before and didn't realize that models 6" from the center meant that the model didn't count as scoring. Neither of us realized this. I probably should have had Nino in one of the corner edges, instead I placed him in the middle of the map.

Also I forgot that enemy models couldn't take interact actions near Nino because of his Spotter ability.Might have stopped my opponent from getting line in the sand.

Nino on Top of a Tower. Not as useful as you'd think with Reconnoiter.
I wouldn't suggest taking Make Them Suffer against Ronin, they have Hard to Kill meaning you should kill them before they can activate again. Their Seppuku action allows them to sacrifice a ronin for soulstones, but denying precious VP.

Flank Deployment definitely favored shooting more than melee. The Viks didn't get into melee with any of my models except for two. Obey might have done better giving my own crew exttra actions instead of pulling his models closer to me. I don't find Enslaved Nephlim very useful, mainly because I just end up moving and using his influence to maybe do something if I'm lucky. I wish there was a good tactical action he could use.

Perdita vs Seamus:

Nino had gotten to close, his brothers and sister were still preparing when he slipped out. The Neverborn they had been tracking had made a detour through the red light district. Nino was just about to call out to his family when he saw her. Standing there playing with her parasol, was that giggling he heard? No, it was laughter... manic laughter. 

"It's the Hatter!" yelled Nino, repeater already winding up. There was a bang and flash as Nino fell to the ground. From the shadows stood Seamus, grin on his face and smoke trailing from his gun.

In one more activation Seamus would be dead. Impossible to Kill? Peacebringer ftw.
Stake a Claim

Scheme Pool:
Murder Protege, Assassinate, Plant Explosives, Bodyguard

My Schemes:
Line in the Sand Revealed (1 VP)
Plant Explosives(2 VP)

Opponent Schemes:
Murder Protege (0 VP)
Body Guard(2 VP)

Ending Score:
Perdita Win

Stake a Claim would have been probably better if it was close deployment, anything else is too far away. Mostly because it will take a Perdita crew a lot of movement to get to the other side of the table. The suggestions I get involve using Obey and Influence to push models up the board. However, with Nino in the crew I should use his From the Shadows to deploy on the opponent's side to drop a claim marker turn one.

I was surprised that I killed Seamus turn 2. Sadly I didn't take Assassination, if I did my final score would have probably been 5 VP.

Special Note: For Rezzer players who use Belles in Stake a Claim, make sure not to use Lure too many times as it helps the opponent get closer to your side of the board.

Final Thoughts

So far I'd say these three games were me getting the feel for the Ortegas. I didn't utilize abilities as well as I should. Over used Perdita's Obey, wasting soulstones and high cards. Didn't take utilize Nino's from the Shadows effectively. And lastly didn't take any upgrades.

Freikorps Specialist is not going to be on my buy list for March. I would have to buy the Outcast arsenal deck and Freikorps Specialist, too much investment just to counter summoning crews. I'm not liking Enslaved Neplim too much so you might not see him in too many future posts.

Next post will be focusing on Perdita VS Ramos game I had as well as my purchases for March. Please let me know down at the bottom what you think and leave any suggestions or questions.

@DontEatRawHagis on Twitter.

ToMB - Early March - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hello Folks,

I wanted to blog a bit about the recent Malifaux tournament we had here in balmy Manchester, NH.  We had 10 people play in a 35 stone quasi-newbie tournament, organized by one of our local expert henchmen Adam.  It was a 3 round 75 minutes per round tournament.  The tournament as a whole was a friendly set of games, not a competitive struggle to determine the best.  There were prizes, but Adam’s wife baked a cake, and that really was prize enough for all. 

I fielded the Guild Faction, led by Sonnia Criid.  With her I brought Sam Hopkins with some extra armor, 2 Guild Hounds, 3 Witchling Stalkers, and 5 soul stones.  Sonnia had the 1 stone power to make more Witchling Stalkers as well, but I consistently forgot to use the power (5 times) throughout all 3 games and therefore will not speak of this card again… I have a tendency of doing this, so I might need a neon sign or large gold star to remind me of the power I kept forgetting, such as I’ve used in other games.  Or maybe I’ll bury this Guild Arsenal Card.

My default strategy was to use the Guild Hounds to run across the board and leave tokens wherever the schemes or strategies required.   The Witchling Stalkers would start burning opponents with pistols and later engage them in melee.  Sam would effectively block for Sonnia so Sonnia’s magical explosions could go off many many times.

To summarize, I had 3 great games and enjoyed each and every one of them.  I played good people, 1 new and 2 old friends.  I ended up in 4th place, much to my surprise with 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie.

My first game was with new friend Ed’s Resurrectionists, led by the Seamus model.  We tied 4-4.  I don’t remember all the details, but I got points for Outflank and Breakthrough, thank you Guild Hounds.  He got his for capturing Sam Hopkins and the center objective.  The Resurrectionist crew I saw today would have been one of the crews I would be uncomfortable with my children seeing on the painting table.  Rotten Belles aka undead hookers I not ready to explain.

My second game was with friend Jerico’s Guild led by the Lady Justice model.  I won 4-3.  Surprisingly Lady Justice melee’d with Sonnia and Sam for most of the game.  Sonnia actually fared well against Lady Justice in melee.  That surprised me.  In the end, I played the scenarios a little bit luckier than Jerico.  He however could have tied by leaving a few tokens instead of charging on the last turn, which we discussed during the competition.  He stuck with his plan of charging instead and flipped cards unluckly.  Jerico’s crew for the most part would have been decent enough for the painting table, except the scales of justice model.

My third game was with friend Mike’s Arcanists led by the Ramos model.  I lost 3-6.  Mike and I have played often, of my 8 games of Malifaux thus far, 4 have been against Mike and 3 against this specific Ramos crew.  Mike is an avid player/collector of Malifaux so his familiarity with my crew and having battled previously, meant he dominated the game for the most part.  I changed my strategy pre-game since it appeared he was prepared for my default strategy. So instead of minimizing combat I changed to kill them all, but it was to no avail.  I went for Kill the Protégé instead of schemes of place tokens to win.  He had brought 2 big henchman, I had 1.  He had numbers, armor, and regeneration too.  I never was able to gain control of the ebb and flow of the battle.  It was fun, but my current crew doesn’t have the muscle to overpower another crew.  That’s something to look for a solution in the future.  It ends up Mike went 3-0 and won first place in the tournament. To my surprise if I had won this game I would have won the tournament instead.   I didn't think I played that well.  Guess I was lucky…Until next time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

ToMB Molly: Month 1 Post 2 - A little Tactica!


Well there is a lot that I've learned in the past few weeks of playing with my #ToMB crew. I have tried my best to stick to my guns, and have had good success. The only thing that 'put me out of my ToMB' is one summon of a punk zombie! Which means I know where next month's budget is going. Punk Zombies are likely (based on the upgrade "Forgotten Life") in my next month purchase. I want to fit a "Hanged" in, but I'm a few dollars short. The Punk Zombies have Hard to Kill, can be affected by Imbue Vigor (they're minions), and as well all know they just kill things DEAD (Oh plus I can use my NE Dead Justice box Judge model as a Punk Zombie)


So before I continue though, I need to apologize for 'reading an upgrade' on-the-air incorrectly. I try and hold my self to a high standard of knowing the rules. I made a mistake in both playing (my first Molly game) and talking about my first Molly game on the podcast. Specifically, I mentioned that I was excited to use "The Philosophy of Uncertainty" on Yin. Well, it makes no sense because getting the trigger to go off puts the ability onto Molly NOT on the target which Molly casts "Whispered Secret" on.

My incorrect tacitca approach was to give some negatives to the model getting "Whispered Secrets" and then knowing that if that model is killed it will be sacrificing the model that killed it. Well this is straight up WRONG!!! My apologies. 

The correct tactica is to use her "Whispered Secrets" on an enemy model to give it the obligatory negative flips on all duels (on success), but the key is that if Molly (i.e. the one who casts this) gets the Tome to succeed on the trigger for "Philosophy of Uncertainty". So, if she is killed by another model, the model which killed it is sacrificed after resolving the current action. So, this makes Molly a less than stellar target to kill, especially coupled with her base ability "Masterful Dead" (Crow trigger on Df/Wp - After this model suffers damage, it may discard two cards to reduce the damage to 1). 

New (experimental) Tactica (i.e. lessons learned)

Ok, so 11+ of crows! Yup that's what Molly wants, any 11+ of crows and she is a happy camper. You can watch some vassalfaux between Joe and me (its mulit-part) to see how we use our respective ToMB crews. This game play isn't representative of how I usually play my masters, but it was an attempt to try something new. So to the point of the 11+ crows, my upgrades have consistently been "Spare Parts", "Terrible Knowledge", and "Forgotten Life" on Molly, and "Pack" on the Rogue Necromancy, and Yin takes "Unnerving Aura". So I'm going to specifically talk about what I tried against Joe due to the Corner Deployment and Reckoning style game. For those new to the game reading this, corner deployment forces more distance between the two players crews giving a little delay to the action.

With 4 corpse counters within 6" and a 11+ crow she can use 2 AP to summon a rogue necromancy in base contact to her. So how would we go about getting these 4 corpse counters. Up front I'd like to state that while this tactic is doable it uses far too many resources. A canine with an 8+ crow can use 2 AP to dig up a corpse marker, now if you get lucky and have 1 of the right cards that's great, but you still need 3 other corpses. So maybe you have 2 8+crows, and utilize Molly's (0) Imbue Vigor to give reactivate to the canine remains (i.e. minion); needing a 9 of rams. Then he can drop a second corpse marker during his reactivate.

Well, that's two. So how do you get two more in a single turn, to reach the 4? You can use Molly's (1) The Ones Left Behind to attempt to summon 2 crooligans, meaning you need two other 8+ crows in your hand. So for those following at home, thats 4 cards of 8+ crows to get 4 corpse markers. The reason the 2 crooligans generate the corpse markers is that they die as soon as summoned since on turn 1 I don't see them being anywhere near enemy models and just die (generating corpses). Ok so that's 2 AP from the canine, another 2 AP (if he gets reactivate), 2 AP from Molly to get 2 more potential corpses and her 0 to do reactivate.

So wow, 5 high cards all with specific suits. Hopefully, now you can see that this isn't the best use of her resources. I think that taking her forward and having things die and taking advantage of the corspes on the table is a better tactic and will be the norm for me going forward. This experiment was just that, to see how well it plays out. Molly has so much in the way of avoiding death that she can be near the fight and survive, between black blood, impossible to wound, masterful dead, and her upgrade to give the trigger philosophy of uncertainty, she is a hard nut to crack.

One lesson learned here, is that sometimes it may be worth summoning a model not near an enemy to see it die and generate her that final corpse marker (assuming you need for her to utilize corpse makers). Again, this is only necessary if she uses Spare Parts upgrade as she really doesn't need corpse markers to do her summoning well. I'm actually going to stop using Spar parts for some time because I see better uses going forward for the cost.

With all of this said, the biggest take away I've had with playing 4 games with Molly is that Soulstones are key for her and that I need to probably drop at least 1 upgrade to give me some more AP at 35ss.


So all-stars in my games have def. been the Crooligans and the Rogue Necro combo. Using their blistering fog to give out +1 damage from blasts the rogue necro can dish out is great. Plus their 'Creepy' to apply -1 Wp to enemy models within 1" is an amazing setup for Yin, other summons by Molly, any Terrifying checks, etc. What is so nice, is that Molly can summon them fairly easily and as long as Make them Suffer and Reckoning aren't the missions they are doing a good job of tar pitting, while killing enemy models with black blood.

Ok, so I need to mention Yin! Simply, because I want him to be my All-star and he just isn't. I mostly think that is because he is expendable AND he gets a big bullseye on his head (I mean that's all that is remaining of his body). He is an absolutely amazing control piece. No doubt, his "No Escape" trigger built into his "The Fear Behind the Eyes" is worth the weight in gold, but his 8 Wd are easily dropped with ~2 AP from any average to moderate heavy hitter. Even with his "Mass of Viscera" which forces negative on attack and damage flips. So with that said, I think he serves an important role in this crew. He forces the enemy to HAVE to deal with him, and during that process the rest of your crew can do what it does best. 

Crew I've Been Fielding

Resurrectionists Crew - 35 - Dustup

Molly Squidpiddge -- 6 Pool
 +Forgotten Life [1]
 +Spare Parts [2]
 +Terrible Knowledge [1]

Canine Remains [4]
Crooligan [4]
Rogue Necromancy [10]
 +Pack [1]
Yin the Penangalan [8]
 +Unnerving Aura [1]


Finally, I'll leave you with my painting progress for this month. I have to just base the rogue necro and then finish up my crooligans and Yin in the next 2 weeks. Pretty sure I can reach that goal :)