Friday, March 14, 2014

ToMB - Mid-March - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hello Folks,
I wanted to talk to you a little bit about why I play Malifaux.  With literally hundreds of miniature game choices out there, why do I choose Malifaux amongst all the others?  For me, Malifaux meets all the criteria of a good game.  1) It’s easy to find a game with people you enjoy playing games with, 2) the cost for entry is relatively cheap, 3) it fills a nitch, 4) ease of rules and/or ease in mastering the rules, 5)  it has tactical complexity that makes you want to come back, and 6) specific game rules don’t leave you frustrated or give you angst.

Malifaux, 40K, War-Ma/Hordes, and Infinity all fit number one.  Other games I like that don’t fill #1 include Confrontation, Dreadball, and Blood Bowl.  The locals here play Blood Bowl online instead.

For #2, 40K is out, entry is over $100 before you buy models, but both Infinity and Malifaux are skirmish games with low initial costs.  End cost may not be low, but the amount needed to start playing is low.

For #3, by nitch I mean they meet a type of game.  I split miniature games into 4 types of nitches, Sports, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Other.  Sports include Blood Bowl (I own 3 teams) and Dreadball (6 teams).  Sci-Fi includes Infinity (2 armies), 40K (2 armies), and the likes of Firestorm Armada (3+ fleets).  Fantasy includes WFB (1), War-Ma-Hordes (0), Malifaux (1 crew), and Confrontation (3+).  Others are all the rest, like Wild West Exodus (0), and Dystopian Wars (1).  My nitch for Fantasy had a need.  I love Confrontation, but the players I know don’t live in NH, so that’s not enough playing time to justify the effort.  Also it’s getting difficult to get miniatures.  I recently sold/traded away my Warmachine Cygnar, and ½ my WFB Orcs and Goblins.  Malifaux is my replacement to Confrontation and my go to game for the Fantasy nitch.

For #4, 2E rules are easy to comprehend.  Granted the local henchman is a great teacher, but the game has an ease to it.

For #5, the skirmish game isn’t a get’em game, it’s schemes and strategies appeal to me.  The variety makes it enjoyable.  Playing a game where the job is to kill the opponent’s pieces gets old faster than something with scenarios.

For #6, unlike War Machine with the rules as written allowing a model to go in-between 2 models with a slightly bigger than a hair’s width gap, I found myself not interested in playing War Machine.  With Infinity, one model can do all the moves while all the others cower and provide actions to the super model.  These rules burn me on a game.  I haven’t seen a rule that burns me in Malifaux yet.

So, I play Malifaux because of ease, price, convenience, variety, and lack of angst, that’s all.


On other notes, I ordered the Sonnia Criid avatar model with the flame dragon coming screaming out of her mouth, so cool.  I’ve wanted this model for months to paint not necessarily to play with, it’s that cool.  And I also got a 50mm base for a total with the avatar of  $45.  I only had $23 in credit for the price, so in effect this cost me February and March’s plus up.  I have a $1 left until mid-April, I think, if I’m counting the bases into the cost, $26 if I’m not, however I am.