Monday, November 12, 2012

Malifaux 1-year later

So I started playing my first table-top game just about a year ago with some friends from the LGS here in Southern NH. It's been a great experience, and this past weekend I was in my first tournament.

This post is mostly a synopsis of my latest painting work since last January. I'm far from a painting master, but have come to enjoy the art of painting these models. It truly is a way to get away from being on a computer all day.

Jakob Lynch Nov. 2012
Molly S. June 2012
Bete Noire May 2012
Flesh Construct May 2012

Flesh Construct May 2012
Seamus and Crew May 2012
Canine Remains May 2012
Insidious Madness May 2012
Dead Rider May 2012
Dead Rider May 2012
Dead Rider 2012
Kirai and Crew April 2012
Gaki April 2012
Lost Love April 2012
Datsue ba April 2012
Lost Love and Ikyro April 2012
Lilith Dec. 2011
Mature Nephilm Dec. 2011