Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Journey Back to Metal Miniatures

So, in all the craziness of +Wyrd Miniatures release of their Malifaux plastics I ended up going back to painting 5 older metal models. This isn't at all because I have issue with the pastics, quite the contrary, the plastics are awesome.

The reason I went back to metals is because of the new 10T master Misaki! I have decided to call her the Outcasts new master for Book 4 even though she is not a dual faction master (i.e. not a Outcast/10T master). However, she can draw from the older outcast models, so if you're an outcast model feeling like you didn't get a master in Book 4, she is your best choice if you want a new Book 4 master, but don't want to go completely into the 10T faction.

So I grabbed a Desperate Mercenary, Taelor, and some 10T Brothers, and am waiting on some Ronin.

One of my goals this year is to try and get a little better at painting. At the same time I'd like to also bring up my speed in painting. For those who don't know Malifaux is my first miniatures game, and painting is still pretty new for me. These models were my first significant foray into thinning my paints, and boy did it help A LOT! One thing that was a little frustrating is that my skull white ended up a little chunky on Taelor, but I made best with it for Taelor's shirt. I did some significant blending on the 10T brothers, and the Desperate Mercenary.

Seriously, let me know what you think in the comments. Would love some constructive feedback. Oh to paint all these models probably took a total of 7 hours (including assembling, pinning, basing, priming, and painting), not great, but decent for me I think.

10T Brother #1


10T Brother #2

10T Brother #3

Desperate Mercenary