Thursday, May 22, 2014

ToMB - Mid-May, Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

It’s mid-May and in the last month I have only made one purchase for Malifaux to add to Sonnia’s crew, a Guild Executioner.  I found that I would like to have a brute, a damage soaker, to control the center of the board.  My attempts to do that with Sam Hopkins, Witchling Stalkers, or the Witchling Handler resulted in unfavorable, but fun results.  I believe the Executioner will help with this.  To go with the Executioner I bought some 40 mm bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures, the Trench works ones.  They’ll match the theme I have for the rest of the minis, which also have the trench work bases.  In the near future, I will want to apply some green stuff to the model.  The mini has a pair of severed hands dangling from his belt, which kind of breaks my rule/desire to have miniatures I’m ok with showing to my kids.  I intend to make them into pouches, should be simple enough.

In other modeling news I made a little bit more progress with the Sonnia Crid avatar and the Witchling Handler, but they still need more paint.

In game playing, I missed a big tournament in New England for Malifaux, held at the Game Castle in Londonderry, NH.  I had other plans that conflicted, however I did get to play 3-4 times this past month.  Once was even a 4-player game that was great.  I got crushed, but the story was good and I’ll get to it in a minute. 

My friend Mike, an avid player/collector of Malifaux, keeps bringing different crews against me, some guy with a top hat and mechanical spider-things, someone Pandora with a bunch of ghosts, someone with a bunch of rats, and some ugly lady in a swamp.  Obviously I pay great attention to the details such as names and techniques so I can master it later, not.  Nah, we play fun games and enjoy the event.  I make slight variations to my list of Sonnia, but it remains similar for now as I learn more about the schemes and strategies.  Some work well and others are disasters. 

In the 4-player game we started in corners, with a hidden desire to get to a set campfire for extra victory points.  The game quickly became 2 games of 1 on 1 for the first few turns since we ended up wanting the opposing person’s campfire. I ended up clashing with some Resurrectionist who kept taking bone corpse counters to summon more opponents.  I used the 1 point skill to allow Sonnia to create Witchling Stalkers from dead opponents.  It was a crazy battle, I started with 7 figures and had 14 die and 1 survive the game! My main opponent of this game had 15 die, unfortunately there were more.  It was a great story and a great game.  I’ve never seen a Malifaux game turn into such a blood bath. Combined we had 9 die and 6 get created on Turn 3 alone. Anyway, I recommend trying the multi-player scenarios or making some up.  

Take care.