Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mobile Security

Mobile device security has been a focus for my career and I have the opportunity to work on some really amazing projects. All which are sadly not acceptable for public consumption/sharing.

Seeing as though this is my first 'Technology' focused post, I thought I'd share a link to a security researchers who I often following. While there are dozens of researchers out there who publish great work in the domain of computer network/system security. Collin Mulliner of http://www.Mulliner.org is often publishing research pertinent to my interests.

In recent news, USSD has been demonstrated to be be capable of wiping some Samsung phones. Collin has released a quick tool to help mitigate this. Here is a link to his page, http://mulliner.org/security/telstop/. There is no use in re-iterating its purpose here, head over to his page and take a look at the tool as well as the link to the presentation showing how to use USSD in nefarious ways.

In the future I'll try and post things that I either find interesting, or that I work on my own (and can publish) which are Technology related.