Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In the Spirit of...

Well, I needed to start this off with a pun, just in time for our annual favorite Wyrd 'pun' event, aka Gencon.

If you haven't already seen it here is a photo of the new Miss model for Gencon 2013, form Wyrd Miniatures!

2013 Gencon Wyrd Miss model (i.e. the Steamborg Execution, Howard Langston)
Of course, we are all anxious to see what her miss name actually is (usually a play on words)! So back to the title of my post, what I really meant by "In the Spirit of..." was, that this post is in the spirit of me going back to one of my early posts about painting resolutions. I mention my desire to get my speed of painting up in 2013, while still having some level of moderate or better quality painted figures in the end.

So this week I spent all of about 2.5 hours painting these three models in prep for some games I have this week down with the DorkaMorka guys in Watertown, MA! It's my first time there, and while I've played with some of these guys before, I can't play my first games in a new hall without painted models. I just love seeing a table with all painted models.

Now I know, I don't have the hanged completely done yet, but they are close enough. I'll get bases and finish their hair and some minor highlighting as well as do something with the eyes. However, the grave spirit is done...get it "they're all spirits" (including The Hanged), I told you there would be a pun (well at least this post was aptly titled)!

So here is the progress of a 'speed' painting session by me spread over two days. I'm pretty happy with them, not perfect, but good enough even when held close to the eye.

2 The Hanged and 1 Grave Spirit - Speed(ish) painted

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wyrd Painting Progress Model Tracker

Thought, I'd share a list of models I have and how many of my Wyrd Miniatures are in their various states. I found this tool thanks to Nix over at The Dead Tau Project, where he posted his status of models. He has a link to the Wyrd boards with info on the tool I used to create this.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reaper Bones Progress Update 1 - Kobolds for Kids

As some people may know, I am a small contributor to the larger efforts of the Kobolds for Kids charity painting event going on. For those who don't know what it is here is a link to their site Kobolds for Kids.

Reaper Bones kindly donated an entire Vampire level from their incredibly successful Kickstarter Campaign that ran last year.

There are many well known, and incredibly talented painters involved, but then there are people like me who just want to help the cause. Most of the painters in our local gaming scene are involved, and most everyone has been receiving their lot of models to paint to support the event.

I wanted to post up an update of where I am with mine. Models I'm painting are:

  • 2 female heros (one a rogue, one a cleric)
  • 1 female pathfinder iconic rogue model
  • 5 green haunts
I'm decided on the non 'green' models to go with a black acrylic paint on base coat, and then did a P3 white top spray for some brightness where the light will hit. The green haunts are a challenge as I don't want to loose the green clear material's effect when looked at in the light. So those are more of a challenge, and I'm trying different things. Some with a 'wash' (no water just flow enabler), and some with a darker thinned black. So far the green wash worked best I think.

Here are some photos...
Base Coats / Primer
Cloak Blending, with some highlights

Back view of cloak

Green Wash, thinned with flow enabler

Front view. Going to paint the tombstone and sword

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Model Goodness

Just a quick update of some things I've been working on the past few months. Much more in the foam bags, but here is a small example.

Infinity - Yaogat Strike Team for my Sectorial List

Malifaux - Izamu the Armor