Monday, February 17, 2014

ToMB February - Compelled by the Masamune

Adam had asked me if I wanted to participate in this blog adventure after asking him if he could run a demo of the Version 2 rules for my fiance and I at Templecon.

I've played Malifaux v1.5 once. I picked up the game because my fiance was really into the game. Someone ran me through a game which I enjoyed, but ultimately my Sonnia Criid crew ended up in a battlefoam bag, not seeing a table again.

What is the ultimate goal for my posts?

I definitely going to show painting progress and theorycraft, but what I want to do is talk about a lesson I have learned in all aspects of the game. Hopefully someone will learn from the mistakes I've made.

Who did I pick for my tale?

Despite already owning the Sonnia Criid crew, I decided I wanted to start completely fresh with a crew that was already tuned for version 2. So, I decided I wanted to pick up the Hired Swords box.

When I first looked at the game, I really liked the concept of the Viktorias as well as their models. However, after some research I found that they had a higher difficulty curve than most crews. I didn't really understand the game all that well, so the thought of having to learn the rules of the game at the same time as learning a crew that was known to be tough didn't make sense to me at the time. But you know what, fortune favors the bold.

The sheer attitude and look of these models are definitely translated into the rules for this box. They're aggressive and powerful. Due to this fact, they also glass cannons. Both Viktorias clock in at 7 wounds a piece, which means that learning to protect them properly while still allowing them to slaughter the enemy. I'm very curious about their Avatar, however I want to see if they are going to redo them in plastic. The rest of this box brings along a bunch of additional murder pieces as well as some decent support pieces. 

The Ronin act has great combatants who also have a wonderful ability to refund the crew 2 soulstones when they have "outlived" their usefulness. 

The Student of Conflict is by far my favorite little piece. She can give someone the Fast status for 2 action points which makes for some fun first turn rushing. With her having the Sister keyword, there are some nice tools that the Viktorias can give her to make her a wonderful combatant. 

Then there is Taelor, who is the lady with the robot arm and giant hammer in the picture above. Taelor fits with the "lets murder everything in our way" theme that the Viks bring to the table, however her position seems to be a bit difficult if there is impeding terrain which makes me think that Scramble is a good upgrade to give her.

Lesson learned: Brush control

While I have been enjoying the hobby aspect, I'm finding that I still have a lot to learn in that world. Behold my painting progress:

Both are very much still a WIP but decent for being on the table. The detailed lines on Taelor's jump suit and the Student of Conflict's sandals were frustrating to try to paint without getting paint in places I don't want it. But the more I do the better my control will be.

Total Cost:

Here's the running tally of what I have spent so far:

Hired Swords Malifaux Second Edition box Set: $45.00

This leaves me with $15.00 left to carry over into March.


I played a few games recently at Templecon, but I think I'm going to save that for another post, since I've been pretty wordy in this post already; so we'll talk about those later.

I'd definitely like to hear feedback on everything from the writing to my game play. Every little bit helps!