Monday, February 24, 2014

ToMB - Late February - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hi All,
Just thought I'd update with some spending and building.  Last month I had spent according to the rules $42 on miniatures, $32 for the Sonnia metal crew and $10 for Secret Weapons Miniature Trench Work bases. Since then I picked up a Witchling Handler ($10) and yet more of the same type of bases (to maintain the theme, again $10). So expense wise I'm up to $62 spent, leaving me with $23 in credit.

I picked up the Witchling Handler because this force currently has 5 Witchling Stalkers and having something to improve them is worth considering.  She's not ready for play yet, but I have her assembled and primed thanks to an unnaturally warm break in the weather Sunday (stuff it Mr. Gopher!).   I also spent a little bit of time touching up some spots I missed on Sonnia.

Our first tournament and my first play since the beginning of this blog fest will be tomorrow. Ms. Handler won't see play this tournament, but soon.  The tournament is a 35 stone tournament, 3 rounds at Myriad Games - Manchester.  I'll be going with my initial force, Sonnia Criid, Samuel Hopkins,  3 Witchling Stalkers, and 2 Guild Hounds.  I'm trying to stay with the same list for a bit longer as I learn the nuances of the game to pick up speed by familiarity.  These 3 games will be numbers 4, 5, & 6 for me, so yes I'm a newbie. Game 1, I learned the basic rules, like dice aren't needed, but little token markers are needed.  Game 2, I learned Sonnia Criid is really good at ranged attacks.  Game 3, I learned that despite a really cool sword on the model, Sonnia is poor at melee attacks.  Anyway, wish me luck, and thanks for reading.