Thursday, February 13, 2014

ToMB - February - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hello, my name is Dave.  I have been a miniature gamer for over 10 years, and a gamer for over 30.  I decided recently to pick up Malifaux 2.0, since my friends were playing the game.  I had some requirements that are a little unusual from the norm to choose a crew.  I have 2 little kids at home so I felt I had a need to keep a game that was more G rated or at most PG rated, if these minis were a movie.  I for instance don’t want to be in a situation of having to explain undead hookers to my daughter or some nightmarish figure to my son that already has me checking the closet for monsters every night.  The second requirement is I’m cheap.  I don’t want to invest heavily in this game, I just want to play games with my friends.  Third, the force has to be fun to play against.  I don’t care about winning; I just want to have fun with friends.  I want a list that leads to close games, not an uber list that wipes out an opponent.  So, my list has to be on par with other local lists and probably a few pegs below a tournament level crew.

I took care of the first requirement by choosing Guild, they mostly look like normal humans, so I figured I could work with them, certainly not nightmarish nor overtly sexual.  I found Sonnia Criid’s crew in metal for $32, and proxied in some old Mage Knight miniatures to represent 2 Guild Hounds and a Burning Effigy.  I also acquired from a Game Trade Magazine promotion 3 extra Witchling Stalkers (I have 5 total).  I bought some Secret Weapon Miniature 30mm Trench bases for $10 to bring all the pieces to some cohesion.  For low model count armies or crews, I like to have special bases to help make them look a team. I also picked up a set of Malifaux playing cards (Fate deck) for $10, the Guild Arsenal Wave 1 cards for $8, and the small rulebook (without PG-13 pictures) for $15.

I modeled the Guild Hounds with Mage Knight Zombie Hounds and the Burning Effigy with a Magma Guardian. The Burning Effigy proxy is more to do with my being uncomfortable with a miniature of a man burning to death praying and possibly having to explain that to my kids.  That is on the threshold of too PG-13 for my tastes, as an example.

I have assembled the miniatures, primed them and on a challenge painted them (although they could use some more details) in a week.  Technically it took 9 days, but they are done for now.  My crew consists of Sonnia Criid, Samuel Hopkins, 5 Witchling Stalkers, a Burning Effigy, and 2 Guild Hounds.   

I am leaning toward the purchase of more Trench bases and a Witchling Handler for next month. Then the following month the avatar model for Sonnia Criid and the Guild Arsenal Wave 2…

Thanks for taking the time to read this.