Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Hampshire is "Playing at Home" with the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (ToMB)

If you haven't heard. ToMB was unveiled this week, to understand my blog entry please read the links below. No need for me to re-type the rules, idea, inspiration, etc.

Ok, so 'we' are playing from home. That's right. I said 'we', a bunch of Malifaux players from my local area have decided to hop in on this. Also, if you are reading this and are from the Southern NH area and want to get involved feel free to reach out to me.

All of our #ToMB entries will be posted here on my blog (they don't have to be, but just makes it easier to see the Southern NH groups progress all in one place!)

So far I have the following people committed to this. So please look for entries from them when this officially kicks off sometime after Feb. 17th.

  • Will - Founder of Urban Lasercraft
  • Jerico - Painting phenom
  • Steve - Brand new to M2E, but played in 1st ed
  • Corbin - New to Malifaux, starting 3rd master
  • Dave - New to Malifaux
  • Myself... 

Personally, I was torn between two different masters. However, I think I have settled on someone who I really have always had such a love for, and that's Molly. For those who were around in 1/1.5 edition she was an often loved model, but underplayed due to her Henchman status and the fact that she really wasn't terribly powerful. With that said, she is intriguing to me in M2E.

So you want to know who she displaced, right?! Well its Jack Daw. If I chose Jack Daw I was going to proxy "The Carver" model and put him on a 30mm base (with an insert into a 50mm in case I wanted to use him for the Halloween encounter). Then I was going to use the NE hanging tree in his crew since they are legal per the new Gaining Grounds proxy rules. With that said, I have a lot of Molly's crew not painted, and figured it would be a good compromise to paint AND play with a crew I've always wanted to field more. Also, she has some really cool new artwork.

Oh and this doesn't count as my first post. I'm going to do an official ToMB post on or shortly after Feb. 17th.

Finally, some logistics. I will let them introduce themselves in their first post. Who their master is, what their goals are and their general story. If you want to follow one in particular, we will be using the ToMB labels and the master of choice. So for example, I am using the Molly label. I have attached both to this entry.

So are you partaking in this "Play at Home" ToMB thing? If so let us know and we will link to you.

Cheers and happy ToMB-ing!

P.S. Special thanks to Chris and Dave for lighting the fire for us all on this