Sunday, February 23, 2014

ToMB: The Guild's Judgement

I've been a fan of Malifaux for a long time.  I've told anyone that has ever asked, "if Malifaux had the same following locally to me that Warmachine does, it would be my 'go-to' game."  Now, I can comfortably say that my requirement has been filled!  This blog series has given me the opportunity to dive into my local Malifaux "meta" with both feet.

My wife and I are both players, and you may see her comment in my posts from time to time.  We decided that the ToMB series would be a good reason to break out the plastic sets we bought at Gen Con.  She is painting up the Shadows of Redchapel and I'm completing The Guild's Judgement.

In truth, I assembled both of the starter sets.  I can say that I found the entirety of assembling Redchapel to be significantly easier than assembling Lady J alone.  I need to state a qualifier here, I'm an experienced modeler and can easily assemble a 12 piece metal Infinity 25mm trooper.  I HATED assembling Lady J.  For anyone considering the crew, my advice is to use both super glue and plastic cement (where appropriate) and purchase some precision tweezers.

Well, here's some photos of the prep:

The contents of the box
Superglue on the bases
Yep, it's cat litter
I knocked of the extra, and gave each a squirt of Insta-Set.  Bases were done and ready to prime in about 5 min.

I made the classic mistake of not documenting my individual model progress, but here is where I stand today:

You may notice that her sword blade is not congruent with her sword hilt.  It drives me INSANE.

I hope this has inspired the rest of my ToMB'ers like their posts have inspired me!  Great work everyone :)