Monday, June 16, 2014

ToMB - Mid-June, Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

It’s mid-June now.  This month has been productive in the modeling side of things, but I haven't bought anything and I only got one game in.  I do however have pictures for you.  It’s a work in progress, but I’m very pleased with how the Sonnia Criid Avatar piece is working out. I’m layering paint on it to simulate the fire, first the white primer, then GW Sunburst Yellow, then GW Fire Dragon Bright (Orange), then a watered down Vallejo Orange Fire, and coming up will be GW Blood Red, Privateer Press Skorne Red (a darker red), and then a uniform dark grey from Vallejo (not sure which one yet).  Only the yellow touches the white, only the orange goes on the yellow, etc...I'm trying to build up the effect of the fire as a large glowing force.  Fire goes from white to black as it cools.  I even painted the backside of Sonnia a uniform gray before painting the browns and other colors to add contrast to the brightness portrayed in the model.  So, like I said it’s a work in progress, but at minimum I'm enjoying the project immensely.  

Also in the picture, the Witchling Handler is on the right side, she is not a finished product yet either.  Her hair and jewelry flair needs painting.  I haven't decided on colors and thus haven't painted them yet. The model on the left is Sonnia Criid from the basic metal set.  She’s finished, although not shown, I really like what I did with her sword flame pattern on the backside.  Maybe next time I'll show that.

In the next picture, I have the Executioner.  The Executioner I finished.  Given my unhappiness with the graphic nature of the severed hands I replaced them with green stuff.  The two hands are now a loaf of bread and a turtle shell (lunch) hanging from his belt instead.  Here’s the finished product.

Hope you enjoyed them.