Thursday, April 17, 2014

ToMB - Mid-April - Sonnia Criid (Dave's)

Hello Folks,

I wanted to update you all on my activities in the past month in modeling and game playing in regards to Malifaux.  Now I haven’t been as productive this month with Malifaux for many reasons you probably don’t care about, but I have purchased or previously purchased the Sonnia Criid Avatar and the Witchling Handler.  Both are currently assembled.  I’ve been taking care with the Sonnia Criid centerpiece, removing mold lines and green stuffing the cracks. A picture is included of the model during my green stuffing.  Since then I’ve primed the model white and have begun to prime the backside of Sonnia as black to hint at a less illuminated backside.  In addition I’ve been trying out on some excess GW and Confrontation Orc Heads different attempts to make their eyes look like they are on fire.  I have a favorite, but I’m still experimenting so I’ll hold off saying what has won. 
            For the Witchling Handler, I have primed it black and have begun to paint it.  It’s not finished, but I’m content with the progress.  Sorry, no picture.

            For gaming, I think I’ve played one game of Malifaux versus my friend Mike.  I substituted in the Witchling Handler for the 2 Guild Hounds and Samuel Hopkins’s armor from the Guild Arsenal Deck.  It was my first play with her.  She did well, put a little fear into Mike, but in the end I believe she died on the field.  Technically I lost 5-3 on victory points, but I had changed my normal tactics and ignored/forgot the strategy card objective (quarters), costing me objectives and ultimately the game.  Instead I did a bum’s rush up the middle going after his caster for the assassinate objective.  I got him, but with Sonnia’s fireballs.  My charge up the middle failed to reach him, but resulted in much entertainment as it faltered in a bottled-up charge across a stone bridge.  Great game.  Talk to you some more later in on, family Easter dinner is at our house this year and I got some cleaning to do.